Access to Medicines Ireland Policy Document

Pharmaceutical companies are charging prices so high the HSE simply can’t afford them. Our policy document outlines the issues contributing to high drug prices, and features key recommendations that demand fair prices for all.

The People’s Prescription

“Health innovation is about making new treatments and cures available to the people that need them. Profits might be earned, but not at the cost of doing what the health system is meant to do: heal.” - Mariana Mazzucato

UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose, Global Justice Now, STOPAIDS, Just Treatment, and Medicines Law & Policy join forces to create, ‘The people’s prescription: Re-imagining health innovation to deliver public value’. This report, in the words of Mariana, is ‘a platform for how we can and must do better.’

Knowledge Ecology International

In 2006, KEI received the MacArthur Award for Creative and Effective Institutions, for its work in Advancing the public interest in intellectual property policy.

Medicines Law & Policies     

Medicines Law & Policy brings together legal and policy experts in the field of access to medicines, international law, and public health.                             

UN High Level Panel on Access to Medicines Report

The UNHLP Report on Access to Medicines lays out key recommendations for changing the way we research, develop and price new drugs.

Just Treatment

Just Treatment in a UK based non-for-profit organisation. It follows the journeys of patients who do not have access to the life saving medication they need due to high drug prices. Just Treatment pressures pharma to reduce the prices of these drugs and pushes the U.K. government to use TRIPS flexibilities for the interest of Britain's public health needs.  

Universities Allied for Essential Medicines   

UAEM are a global network of university students who believe that universities have  an opportunity and a responsibility to improve global access to public health goods. The network consists of hundreds of university and college students who work towards making medicines more affordable and adequate for all.

MSF Lives on the Edge Report                     

In 1999, on the heels of MSF being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize – and largely in response to the inequalities surrounding access to HIV/AIDS treatment between rich and poor countries – MSF launched the Access Campaign. Its sole purpose has been to push for access to, and the development of, life-saving and life-prolonging medicines, diagnostics and vaccines for people in MSF programmes and beyond.

Knowledge Portal on Innovation and Access to Medicines

“A one-stop source providing open access information, research and analysis on policies relating to pharmaceutical innovation and access. Topics are organised under three interrelated themes: Pricing, Intellectual Property and Innovation. Resources include: research syntheses on a range of topics, data sources, webinars and a list of research gaps.

The Knowledge Portal aims to make existing knowledge more available and accessible to communities of policy & practice as a tool to achieve needs-driven innovation and globally-equitable access to medicines.”