Deputy Maureen O' Sullivan challenges An Taoiseach about high drug prices

“There is a more progressive model of research and development that is committed to access and affordability and that is what we need to pursue”

During Leader’s Questions, Deputy Maureen O’ Sullivan made an impassioned speech entitled ‘Big Pharma holding patients to ransom as government stands by…’

Deputy O’ Sullivan argued against the rising costs of lifesaving medicine and made reference to the costs of CAR-T therapy, Orkambi, Spinraza and Pempro.

“The University of Pennsylvania was able to produce a new treatment for cancer, CAR-T, for $15,000. Novartis is producing it at a cost of $475,000.”

The team at Access to Medicines Ireland are thrilled that Deputy O’ Sullivan referenced our call for the Irish government to support the Italian Transparency Resolution.

“I am also asking that, as called for at a recent access to medicines conference, Ireland support the Italian resolution on transparency on this matter at the World Health Assembly in Geneva next week.”

Other calls for government action included, public return on public investment by strengthening the negotiating power of universities and public research units, retaining patent rights to some publicly funded drugs and to create a policy to support the uptake of bio-similars.

To see the full 7 minute video which includes An Taoiseach’s response, please follow the link: